Super Learners: February 5

Super Learners: February 5

We’re really proud of all the hard work that our children are doing!

To recognise this amazing work, our Teachers have selected a Learning Superstar, a Remote Learning Superstar and five children that deserve recognition; we’re calling them our ‘Fab Five

Let’s start off with Year 6 👇

In-School: Salman Khan (Shaw)
PiXL Groups: Bilal Arakani (Dyson)
Home Learning (Baird): Ayden
Home Learning (Dyson): Youssuf
Home Learning (Shaw): Farah

Fab Five –
Aisha – for perseverance, attempting all questions and making good progress in her school sessions.
Ammar – for his contribution and effort in school as well as working more methodically, not being afraid to make mistakes and learning from them.
Habib – for coming into school regularly with a positive attitude and working hard every day.
Mohamed – for coming into school regularly with a positive attitude and working hard every day.
Djodje – for his amazing effort with his English discussion text; it was a beautiful piece of writing with some super vocabulary.

Year 5


Maksym (Bannister) and Nana-Aisha (Holmes) and Khizer 

Home Learning:

Bannister – Divya

Holmes – Uwais 

Grey-Thompson – Honey -Rose 

Fab Five – 

Naira – She has been helping children on GC by answering their questions.

Zakariya – Been very active in live lessons and I can tell the work that has been submitted has taken time and effort.

Maya  – Trying do do all her work even when things are difficult she still tries her best.

Year 4

Home learning : Amelia Aziz, Muhammad Subhan

In School: Tyrique 

Year 3

In school – Kiera

Home – Faran and Sara A 

Fab Five – Haider, Nza, Abdullah, Saleha, Madhia

Year 2

In school- Ayden (Forster) & Lola-May (Forster)

Remote learning- Mohammed (Forster) & Zubayr (McMillan)

Fab Five –  Arisha (Forster) , Amani (Forster) , Donatas (Forster) , Umaymah (McMillan), Faizan (McMillan)

Pixl – Ayaan (McMillan)

Year 1

SOW – In school – Amaani (Curie)

Home Learning – Maliha (Curie) Almaas (Newton)

Fab Five – Samar, Raees, Zaynab, Marius and Aminah


SOW – Nali – Beethoven

SOW – Bilal – Mozart

Remote Learning Superstar – Yasser – Beethoven

Remote Learning Superstar – Aizah Mozart

Fab Five – 

Beethoven – Mahdiya , Eesa 

Mozart – Lottie, Sallahuddin, Husna


SOW: Liyana A

Remote learning: Abbas-Ali

Fab Five – 





Muhammad Ali