February Newsletter

February Newsletter

End of the half-term

Despite the lockdown, the challenges of disruption, and the endless frustration of life being different, we are really proud of how we have all Succeeded Together in our learning: our colleagues have learnt to teach in a way they never would have imagined, our parents have learned to teach in a way they would never have imagined, and our children have thrived as a consequence.

We hope to be back into school soon, but we have a few new things happening to celebrate our shared successes while we are waiting!

Rewards and Recognition

We’ve added some extra recognition for children learning at home, and enjoying our additional Pixl lessons. We now have a ‘Remote Learning Superstar’ and a ‘Pixl Learning Superstar’, besides our usual ‘Learning Superstar’ each week.

Our teachers are always full of praise for our children, but without the normal classroom environment, it’s just not the same; so we have decided that we will publicly congratulate our Fab Five from each year group, each week.

We will be displaying our Super Learners on the website, make sure you check them out!

Mental Health

Mental Health is really important. For Children’s Mental Health week we had a range of activities happening at home and in school. Our children learnt about mental health and we shared strategies to use when we are feeling down. We also created posters to raise awareness of mental health.  Check out the Children’s Mental Health Week Website.

Adult’s mental health is important too so Mr Lewis treated the staff to a coffee and cake morning.

Check it out below 👇

Co-op Coins

For those children coming to school, or attending remote lessons daily, we wanted to reward their hard work and commitment, we also wanted to reward our weekly Learning Superstars and Fab Five. So we have created ‘Co-op Coins’ and we will reward a coin for:

  • Key worker children who attend school every day in the week
  • Children who are learning from home who attend live lessons and submit work every day in the week
  • Each Learning Superstar (including remote and Pixl)
  • Every one of our Fab Five

You can check on your progress in your Google Classroom, or via this link.

Children will be able to spend the Co-op coins they have collected for the past two weeks, when we return after the holiday. The reward trolley will be visiting classrooms.

Fairtrade Fortnight

We had an amazing time last year taking part in #FairtradeFortnight. Our colleagues and children took part in a range of activities where we learned all about Fairtrade products and how Fairtrade makes a difference to people’s lives. We had a Fairtrade shopping trip, raffle and a Bun sale. It was a huge success! 

It might be a little different this year but we’re still going to be taking part. So keep an eye out for a letter from Mrs Brice! 


We’ve handed out over 250 Chromebooks since Lockdown started. We’re hoping this has really helped with your learning at home. 

We do have more Chromebooks available; if you think an extra device would help, please let us know by completing this form.


We’re really active on Twitter and would love to have more parents following us and engaging with our Tweets.

Check us out below 👇