12th January 2021 – Spring Term Update

Dear parents/carers,

I am really pleased with how we have responded to the current lockdown situation:

  • Identified pupils are in school and settled
  • Live lessons are being delivered for all pupils at home
  • We have issued 80 Chromebooks, we have a further 60 available, and will have 60 more arriving soon
  • The staff team are working hard to ensure that children have a positive experience during the lockdown and make good progress whether they are at home or at school

It has been a difficult week, but I feel like we have all really stepped up to the challenge; we now need to think about how we organise things moving forward.

The Government has suggested the lockdown is likely to last until February; we’re planning for how we can ensure progress for all of our children throughout this time.

The Government expects all children to receive a minimum of three hours of learning at home, and four hours for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. To achieve this, we will be doing the following:

  • Aiming to open Nursery and Talking Twos for all children who would like a place – if this applies to you, please complete this form
  • Increasing the number of children attending school – if your child is selected, we will call you to offer your child a place in school
  • Sending new Chromebooks home – class teachers have identified the children who need these first; again we will contact you to arrange collection

Just so there is no confusion, we have decided which children we feel would benefit most from being in school or having a Chromebook at home. Whichever format is offered to your child, it is essential that they engage fully with learning.

In school we are ensuring 2m distancing at all times, and our bubbles have a maximum of ten children in; this means that staff and pupils can be kept safe. We will not exceed this number, opening extra classrooms and bubbles of up to ten, if we need more pupils in school.

We’ll be calling regularly to check in and see how everything is going. This might be from an ‘unknown’ number. We understand that you might not want frequent calls but it’s the best way we can make sure we’ve got that regular contact. We’re looking forward to the future when we can have a quick chat at the start or end of the day!

Just a reminder:

Are you a key worker? Fill out the form here

Need your child’s Google password? Have a question for your child’s teacher? Just need help? You can ask us here

Ryan Lewis