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We've completed a thorough risk assessment and put in place infection control measures to reduce the risk to everyone.

These measures may include:

  • Children washing their hands regularly
  • Adults wearing masks in public spaces
  • More regular cleaning of classrooms and the whole school
  • Children being in bubbles, to reduce contact with too many people
  • Varied start, lunch and finish times
  • Timetable changes to minimise contact between groups
  • One way systems for moving around school and different ways to enter and exit
  • Social distancing measures where possible
Parent Q & A
What if I, my child or someone else in our household develops symptoms?
  • Your household should isolate immediately and you should book a test for anyone with symptoms at nhs.uk/coronavirus or by calling 119
  • Your child should not attend school
  • If your child has a positive result you should tell the school and your child should isolate for 10 days
  • Members of your household should isolate for 14 days
  • If your child is not a known contact of a confirmed case they can return to school if the result is negative, provided they feel well and they have not had a fever for 48 hours
  • If your child is a contact of a confirmed case they must stay off school for the 14-day isolation period, even if they test negative. This is because they can develop the infection at any point up to day 14
What happens if a child shows symptoms at school?

If a child shows symptoms at school then they will be sent home as soon as possible that day.

The child will be isolated in school, looked after by a member of staff, until their parent, carer or guardian is able to collect them.

What happens if someone in school tests positive for the virus?

If a single pupil or staff member tests positive for Covid-19 the school will inform Public Health England (PHE) and the Public Health Team at Bradford Council. PHE will then provide advice to the school and close contacts may be asked to isolate for 14 days.

If there are two or more confirmed cases, PHE and our Public Health team will work with the school to agree the best course of action which may be to temporarily close a group or school.

What if my child is told to isolate?

If your child is advised to stay at home and isolate, virtual learning will be put in place by the school.

How will the school manage the risk with all children back?

We will take a range of measures to manage the risk including staggered times for arrival, departure, break and lunch. Hygiene is our biggest priority and you will have seen we are taking this very seriously in how we are updating our school building.

Do children need to wear masks?

No. All guidance shows that primary school-aged children do not need to wear face coverings.

Do adults need to wear masks?

All adults will wear a mask in public spaces. Parents need to wear a mask when entering the school grounds.

Can I get my child tested for Covid 19?

Information on how to get a test in Bradford.

Parents should tell schools about the outcomes of a test.

More information on coronavirus in children.

Where can I find the most recent government guidance?
Who can I contact if I need support?

The current situation is challenging for everyone, and we are doing everything we can to provide support to families at this difficult time.

For any safeguarding concerns please email princeville@coopacademies.co.uk and someone will get back to you.

What happens if we arrive late?

You won’t be able to come through the school office. Instead you will need to wait with your child outside their classroom door.

I need help with Virtual learning

Please email princeville@coopacademies.co.uk and someone will get back to you.

Where can I get further information?

We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss any specific concerns or queries.

The government has put together some guidance too.