Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Our Vision

We empower children to make a difference in their lives, the life of their community, and in the wider world.

Learning – to make a difference

Our Mission

We encourage children to immerse themselves in learning opportunities that inspire them.

We are passionate about nurturing children’s aspiration, independence, determination, creativity and collaboration – we encourage children to take risks in their learning.

Our learners are equipped for success, we empower them to make a difference in their future.

Our Values

Our Ways of Being Co-op shape our values and behaviours – It’s what we do.

Do what matters most

green line

    • The most important things are the hardest, but I’m brave enough to do what is right.
    • Helping myself and others makes me the best I can be.
    • I find happiness by aiming high, and sharing success with others.
    • Our values belong to all of us, and we stick to them no matter what.

Be yourself, always

pink line

    • We bring our best self to our Academy, and practise, so that we become our best self, always.
    • Even if we are different, we value, accept and learn about each other.
    • I believe in myself, and I show it.
    • I am authentic, and I make decisions that are true to my values.

Show you care

blue line

    • I care about people, and show empathy and humility.
    • I’m excited about the future and I believe I can make it better.
    • I speak up and promote acceptance and inclusion, encouraging others to do so too.
    • I know its ok to not be ok, and I know how to talk about my feelings.

Succeed together

yellow line

    • We cooperate and listen, we’re stronger when we work together.
    • I understand synergy, and I know how to play a positive role.
    • I represent my ambition and aspiration through my behaviour.
    • I support others and develop trusted relationships.